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Most Popular Floating Markets
Amphawa Floating Market
On Amphawa Floating Market many of the houses lining the canals are doubling as shops, restaurants while vendors sell homemade food and pastries in the canal to the crowd sitting on the narrow concrete steps of the riverbanks. Few restaurants near the crossing bridge have tables but at the end of the afternoon, getting a seat becomes impossible. A couple of bars managed to have little balconies overlooking te canal but here too, seats are scarce. On weekends, all the little streets radiating from the canal are converted into a local food market, selling from the classic Pad-Thai to things as unusual as ice-cream sandwiches to horse shoe crab eggs salad. Few long tails tails boats takes the tourists around the nearby klongs for a bit of exploration. Try to come early to avoid the crowd that can easily become so overwhelming, it spoils the fun




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