Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

Suvarnabhumi taxi drivers suggest baggage charges

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“If the Department of Land Transport wants to me to use the meter according to their price chart, this is a win-win solution,” driver Pattawee Meerat said of the baggage charge idea.

Their solution suggests a baggage charge should be officially set. One bag under 15 kilograms would be free. However passengers carrying two to four bags would be THB30 per bag, their fifth and sixth bags would be THB50 each, and every one after that would be charged THB80.

While the public has been fed up with experiences of bad service, rejected fares and reckless driving, many drivers complain 20-year-old fares and much higher costs have made it impossible to make a living.

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  • Sefton

    20 year old fares ?? Fare prices were substantially increased just a few months ago..

  • kenny

    If they can’t make a living how come there are more Taxis on the roads!

  • kenny

    as for charging for Luggage they know most people have more than 15 kilo because the airlines allow 20 kilo or more.


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