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Lotus lake UdonThani open soon for the season

Lotus lake UdonThani.

The Red Lotus Sea (although most of the flowers are more pink or crimson than they are red) is about 45km south east from the Udon Thani ring road, at Lake Nong Han on the banks of Ban Diam, in the Kumphawadpi Reserve. The beauty of the lake is best witnessed in the low season, between November and late February. The Red aquatic flowers begin to bloom in October, following the rainy season, reaching full bloom in December through to late January. The best time of day to visit is between 6.00am until around 10.00am. If the day is cloudy (as it was when I recently visited), a visit at any time should provide the best display as the blooms remain open when the sun is not bearing down on them.

Other than the vast numbers of flowers present, the Red Lotus Sea also holds the position of the world’s second strangest lakes by Travel & Leisure. The lake covers a large area, (about 68 square kilometers) being 15km long and 5km at the widest point.

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Lotus lake UdonThani

Lotus lake UdonThani

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Accommodation in UdonThani

Accommodation in UdonThani

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